How do I search for a rental property?

Either type the name of a country, a region, a town, a reference number, a place of interest, or a company name into the search box, fill in the dates of the stay and the number of guests. Click 'Search now' to see a list of available properties that appears on our search results page. You can then add filters such as property type, number of bedrooms, star rating, amenities required etc. to refine your search. From here you can also click on 'OPEN MAP VIEW' from here you can see pins of all the rentals available, click on a pin and a property card opens showing you the details about that particular property.

How do I see which rental properties are still available?

Enter your desired travel dates in the search bar and then only the available rental houses and apartments will be displayed in the search results. If you're searching without any dates, you can use the availability calendar on the property details page to see when the holiday home is available and for how long or click the 'Price & Availability' tab in the results list.

Why aren’t there any reviews of the property that I searched for?

If a property doesn't have any reviews, it may be because it's been added to the site relatively recently and hasn't had any reviews yet. Some of our property management companies also do not have review data. A lack of reviews does not mean the property is unsafe or not a good property to book. Do not forget that we only allow professionally managed property companies to join our website, they are all credit checked and all bookings are 100% financially protected. We do not allow independent owners to just upload a property on to our system.

Where can I see the location of the rental property?

You can see the location of a property by either clicking the location tab on the property cards, which appear on the search results page or on the property details page. The map has a pin that shows the approximate location of the property. There is also a map view option on the search results page – click here and a map appears with pins where all the rental properties are located.

Why do rental prices vary so much?

It is common practice to have different prices for different times of the year. When there is high demand such as for vacation rentals in the summer months of July & August in Europe for example, then this is usually when the prices are at their highest.

When do I receive the contact details of the Property Manager & address of the property?

All contact information of the property management company is exchanged as soon as a booking is made. However, the address of the rental property is not disclosed until full payment has been received, this is for security reasons. The property voucher itself which is the document you need to present when checking in at your property is not usually forwarded to you until 28 days prior to arrival.

Why can’t I see the address of the property I am interested in?

For security reasons, property managers prefer to keep the full address of their property confidential until a booking has been paid in full. The property voucher which has the full rental address and key holder details is the document you need to present when checking in at your property. This is not forwarded to you until 28 days prior to your arrival.

How can I save the properties I am interested in?

Click on the heart symbol next to every property shown on the search results page which will allow you to create a favorites list. You can do this even if you are not signed up or logged in.

How do I show my customer a property?

You can share the property details with you customer without being in front of them, or needing to send cumbersome emails, by using our unique 'SHOW ME' TOOL. Simply begin a SHOW-ME session by clicking the SHOW-ME button in the results list, or on the property page, and giving the URL and the ID created for this session. The customer will then see whichever property you wish to share with them.

How do I show my friends and family a property?

You can share any property details with your friends and family by simply clicking on a 'SHARE' button, this will allow you to email a link to them, which they just need to click on and it will take them to the property you were looking at. Alternatively, you can create your very own favourites list and then email them a selection of several properties. Once you are in your favourites list, click 'SHARE' and this will automatically create and send a PDF catalogue of all your favourite properties.


How do I book a holiday property?

Click on BOOK NOW when you are on the property details page. If you have a question about the property, you can contact us at any time by clicking on the button 'ASK A QUESTION'.m Payment is made with credit/debit cards only.

Where do I find the details of my bookings?

By logging into your account, you must then click on the DASHBOARD (top of all pages) In your DASHBOARD, click on 'MY BOOKINGS' to see the details of your bookings.

How do I change something in my booking?

When you confirmed your Booking Reservation, you will receive the details of the Property Manager. If anything changes you should contact the Property Manager immediately and ask them to confirm your changes. Please note that there may be a fee for cancellations, which can be the total value of the booking depending on how far in advance of the stay this has been requested. Changes may or may not be possible - if these are requested outside of the terms of the booking, they will be at the discretion of the property manager.

Can I get a receipt for my booking?

Yes, all travel documents will be emailed to you automatically when you place a booking, but they can also be downloaded from your Dashboard.

Will I receive the management company’s contact telephone number after I book?

All contact information of the property management company, are exchanged as soon as a booking is made. However, the address of the rental property is not disclosed until full payment has been received, this is for security reasons. The property voucher itself which is the document you need to present when checking in at your property and this is usually not forwarded to you until 28 days prior to your arrival.

When I book online, how do I know for sure that my booking has been received?

You will always receive a confirmation email from immediately after making your booking. If you have not received any confirmation from us within 24 hours, please do contact us so that we can resolve any issues that might have occurred.


When do I have to pay?

When you click on BOOK NOW, you will be asked to make a payment immediately. A deposit payment is required to secure your booking and the balance payment is usually due 56 days before the check in date. All payments are passed on to the property managers as soon as they are made.

Why must I pay a damage deposit upon arrival?

A security deposit or damage deposit is a refundable payment, this varies according to the size and standard of the rental property. This is sometimes but quite often requested by the property manager on arrival. This is in case of any breakages or damage to the property during your stay.

When do I get the damage deposit back?

Depending on the management company or property owner, your damage deposit should be refunded on departure if there is no damage to the property. Details can be seen in the terms & conditions for each property.

Are the cleaning fees compulsory?

This depends on the management company. The cleaning fee may be an additional cost, or may be included in the price. This will be shown in the EXTRA COSTS section on each property details page.


How do I check in once I arrive at the property?

One week before arriving at your rental property, we ask you to make contact with the key holder or local contact in order to confirm your time of arrival. You will be asked to present your property voucher to the key holder when you arrive at the rental property.

When is check-in time?

Check in typically takes place in the afternoon or early evening. When you have made your travel arrangements, contact the management company or property owner directly to let them know your arrival time.

If I check in late will I be denied access to the property?

Make sure that the property key holder knows what your arrival plans are, and make sure to have their contact details ready in case of any delays.

How are keys exchanged?

There are different types of key exchange procedures for example some property owners/management companies will offer a personal welcome at the property, some might email you a keyless entry code or send a key by post prior to your departure. Once your Booking Request has been accepted and you have exchanged contact details you will be informed regarding the exact key exchange procedure for the holiday property in question.

What do I do if no one is present upon arrival?



What is is a rental service, focused on professionally managed rental accommodation for business & vacation around the world. We currently list 600K properties but have agreements to take this number to over 2m during the course of this year.

How do I sign up to

Firstly, to make a booking you are not required to sign up. Should you wish to do so after you have made a booking so that you can see your booking details online, you simply have to follow a link 'create my login' which will be in your booking confirmation email. Alternatively, just click on JOIN US on the top header menu on our homepage.

Who are

All details about the team are on the Meet The Team page.

How do I contact

Follow our contact us link and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Where can I find the terms & conditions?

Follow our link to read our Terms & Conditions

I have noticed a bug on the website, who do I tell?

If you notice a bug on our website, we'd really like to know. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Are properties available all over the world?

Yes. currently has over 600,000 properties in thousands of destinations around the world. We have agreements with many property management companies to take this number to over 2m during the course of this year.


What is payment protection? takes payment for all bookings from the agent or tour-operator, it is up to you to take payment from the customer. If you are using customer card details to transact, in the same transaction we pass payment to the property managers to secure the booking. We only work with major international property managers that have been fully credit-checked. In the unlikely event where a property management company closes for business, or files for bankruptcy, your customers may be covered by <a href=""> Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.</a>

Which types of insurance can I or should I take out?

Most of our property managers offer a cancellation insurance either as an additional cost or included in the price. However, we advise you to buy additional travel insurance from your preferred insurance company in order to protect yourself from illness or accident whilst travelling.

How do you prevent scams, is safe? is very secure and probably the safest rental service provider in the industry as we only allow professionally managed properties on our website. These companies are all credit checked and have a contractual agreement with us. We go to great lengths to ensure you are in good hands, and that your money is safe every step of the way.


How do I cancel my booking?

Please contact us directly to cancel a booking - We will contact the management company and confirm whether this is possible, and whether there are any fees deductible for the cancellation. Cancellation fees are generally higher the closer to the departure date.

What do I have to pay if I decide to cancel?

This depends on the terms and conditions of each individual management company, which will have been advised before the booking and will also be referred to in your travel documentation. The cancellation terms are also displayed on the property page.

Do you offer cancellation insurance and how is this arranged?

Some of our management companies offer customers free cancellation insurance. However, this depends on the terms and conditions of each individual management company. Please check these details in the terms and conditions which are shown on each property details page.